UK Tech Fest Interview: Nexilva “I had ONE pair of jeans on tour in October and these guys cut them into hotpants…”

UK Tech Fest Interview: Nexilva “I had ONE pair of jeans on tour in October and these guys cut them into hotpants…”

Ahead of what turned out to be their simply crushing set at UK Tech Fest 2014, MetalMouth’s Adam DS caught up with Sunderland wrecking crew Nexilva. He put them through their paces using a random number generator and dug some dirt on the band.

(Unfortunately Adam didn’t ask the band member names…sorry lads, you go right ahead and slap his butt)

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So, chaps we’ll start with the basics. How are you all today?

Good! Really good!

Enjoying the baking sun?

It’s eased off a bit but yeah it’s nice! It was intense this morning like. I’m gonna have a nice tan when I go home. Hopefully. 

So give us a number between 1 and 57? 


Who is the grumpiest member of the band and can you give us an example of the last thing they grumped out about?

This guy right here, Ryan Banks(bass) is the most grumpiest guy in the band, what have you grumped out about recently?

RB: When you told me I wasn’t allowed to do interviews. 

We told him is wasn’t allowed to do them cos he rambles on too much! 

RB: I’ve toned it down…I’ve just not said a word. 


Next number – 6 – Do you have any tracks that you worry about playing live?

All of them, every single one! Haha! 

Just Nexilva?

Cybernetics is a pretty hard one to play, it’s just none stop endurance riffs, you’ll stop for like half a second and you’re straight back in it’s like ARGH! Yeah, thats the one, definitely. 

Pick another number? 

40, I want you to turn the page!

What would you ask for on a rider if you thought you could get away with it? 

Oooooh pizza!

What!? you can have pizza any time. 

I’m just happy with pizza mate! 

I’d ask for something rediculous…CAVIAR! 


Oysters…Crab sticks!

Crab sticks are like 50p from the supermarket dude…

Crab sticks! I have cheap taste.  

Square watermelon! 

Them things are ridiculously expensive, like £200 in Japan! Good choice. So next number? 


If you were the tech fest mascot, what would you dress as? 

A big zero!

You would be a big djent?

I would be just a massive djent. 



23 is…backstage, do you guys ever pull pranks on each other? If so what happens?

Not really any more, we did when we were younger. We used to prank our old drummer.

We did prank this guy though, we cut his jeans. 

I had ONE pair of jeans on tour in October and these guys cut them into hotpants…

And he wore them! 

For the whole tour? 

Until we could buy some new ones. That was the turning point as to what I would wear as a fashion statement. 

They were proper dad jeans until they got cut, they he started wearing chinos! He became some fashionista so maybe we did you a favour.

57! Do you guys find it easier or harder over time to keep the live set fresh and exciting? I mean you guys have just dropped an album so you perhaps wouldn’t have this issue?

I think if you change the set up and the order of the set if becomes really fresh. We’ve been playing the same set for a couple of months now so I think it’s time for a change.

We’ll never have the same set everytime, we’ll go to new places and to new people and play the same set. I don’t think…we play the same every night, but there is always gonna be someone new and that is what we go for. Cos we can’t fit every song in there. 


42…one or the other…playing only a few festivals worldwide but guaranteed a huge audience and no touring OR relentless touring with a chance of someone might show up but no festivals. 

Constant touring! We are doing that at the minute. Whenever we do go on tour at the moment we’re just hoping that people show up. 

It would be nice to have loads of people at the shows but we never expect it, festivals are really cool but it’s a different vibe and with touring and playing the same every night you get into a routine of how the days should go. Festivals are unpredictable. 

Give me one last number…


So, number 2. Haha! Do you party hard at festivals? Or behave like good little boys? 

The night before we play, we’re good little boys. We don’t party hard anyway. Especially this guy, he passes out. But I think we’re gonna watch the superjam and get wrecked. 

Haha! Have fun! Thanks for your time guys! See you at the front!


Nexilva released ‘Eschatologies’ earlier this year on Ghost Music and can be downloaded HERE!