UNDECIMBER – Dead Inside

UNDECIMBER – Dead Inside

Dark, Swedish, gothic. That’s what I’d write if I had three words to describe Dead Inside, the upcoming release from the dark rock four piece Undecimber.

In ten tracks, you can fall in love, break up, hate yourself and get smashed. Sounds like an average night out really.

This band have built a grand and decadent sound and from the beginning of Three Pages From Hell the intent of this album is clear: It’s an all-out dark rock masterpiece, slathered with brooding and lustful vocals, unforgiving electronics and filthy guitar lines. Tears Of The Past builds on this with a very classic-sounding synth building up the track around it, whilst retaining a basic and compelling structure. This particular track, I have no doubt, would see many a make up clad goth on their feet at their nearest club.

Scars Of Pleasure takes a welcome industrial turn, with a rampant rhythm burning on through similar to that of Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes. It seems that the best goth music is coming out of the most frostbitten parts of the world. Stripped back again is Fatal Kiss, a Deathstars-esque chunk of filthy goth metal. Whilst it lacks some of the punch a track like this should have, it’s nevertheless entertaining enough to keep your interest. Wait In The Dark has fast become my favourite track on this album, its ’80s style synth and hammering rhythm bring recollections of classic video game scores that are sadly lacking these days.

This album flows through patterns of being faster and unrelenting whilst at times seems to become a little slack, which can leave you somewhat underwhelmed between the heavier tracks. When the haunting piano tinkles come in for the final track Beyond The Grave however, all sins are forgiven. This is a thunderous finale, a story of sin and depravity. Death and love. Spoken word sections mix with the story to form a narrative of necrolust. Bravo Undecimber.

This album frequents all those dark places you should be afraid of, it hides in shadow in the day and at night lets loose in a grandiose and brilliant manner. 

Undecimber take great pride in their releases, taking lead from the wonderful Type O Negative among others to bring together gothic music that is simply sublime. 

For Fans Of: Type O Negative, H.I.M, The 69 Eyes, Billy Idol, Sturm Und Drang.