UNSU – K.I.A.I. (Kill Icons and Idiots)

UNSU –  K.I.A.I. (Kill Icons and Idiots)

It’s always a masterful feat of musical engineering when a band’s debut full length release absolutely knocks your socks off. Not just a “this is an enjoyable listen” but a definite, “oh my life, this is fantastic” racket of a release, which is the precise term fit to describe Unsu’s debut album K.I.A.I (Kill Icons and Idiots).

French grindcore quartet Unsu, having released two EP’s and two split releases previously, released their début album on 1st December on an Independent Label. The band have clearly been influenced by the crème de la crème of the grindcore world, as there are strong undertones of Lock Up and Napalm Death throughout the album, punctuated by essences of more death metal acts such as The Rotted and (very) mildly Godflesh at points.

Kill Icons and Idiots is a powerful and aggressive album that goes straight for the audible jugular, consisting of 19 bite size grinding delights packed full of raw, explosive energy. There are certainly going to be no shortages of mosh pits at any Unsu gig any time soon. The blast beats are unrelenting, the range in vocal dynamics from vocalist Damien Rogers is extremely impressive and there are several tracks packed full of vibrant groove for those who prefer their grind a little more tuneful. However, that’s not to say that Kill Icons and Idiots doesn’t have it’s moments of sheer, unadulterated grinding noise.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed are clearly a strong influence over Unsu, as their tracks are in delightful little digestible chunks (as is fitting for all true grindcore bands). The album maintains its fast and furious feel from start to finish. With such triumphant and powerful tracks such as Lamia and Our Sweat, Not Your Thing, Unsu would be a welcome addition to both Hellfest, Neurotic Deathfest and many of the European extreme metal festivals with their moreish and quintessential brand of grindcore.

Those who prefer their grind a little more along the groovy lines need not fear not as Kill Icons And Idiots has plenty of infectious riffs and groove – heavy fretwork throughout that will leave you feeling most satisfied after listening. Tracks such as Thumbs Down and Inbred possess such vigorous groove and lively vocals that it’s impossible not to want to windmill violently upon listening.

Kill Icons And Idiots is a glorious listen, especially for a bands debut full length release. The album oozes youth, enthusiasm and sheer energy. Unsu’s sound could best be described as a snarling dog that has just erupted out of it’s kennel and is primed and ready for attack.

Pretty much every track charges straight into action and doesn’t hang about with great unparalleled tenacity and masterful musical skill. It goes without saying that this release is going to open endless doors for Unsu, as these gnarly French men are set to dominate the grindcore scene if they keep their game as strong as this. Tres Bien Unsu!

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