BLACK TUSK – Tend No Wounds

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Heavy metal power trio Black Tusk are back again with a new EP entitled Tend No Wounds. Over six tracks, they don’t let up and don’t back down; it’s dark and dirty, unrelenting and furious.

It’s been two long years since the release of Black Tusk’s last full length ‘Set The Dial’ an album I still listen to at least once a week. So the news of a new release coming made that smiling thing happen to my face.

Black Tusk kick off this EP in fine instrumental form, in the shape of a riff soaked hammering track entitled A Cold Embrace a track that really does feel like just that, a cold embrace, this seemingly surrounds you and coats you in this thick air of gloom, a good preparation for the rest of the E.P. if ever there was one.

Enemy of Reason hammers in and delivers the first solid blow of this release. Skull crushing riff power leads into heavy and sludgy vocals, drums pound and basslines rumble. This is metal to shake you from the very foundations. This pattern flows into The Weak and The Wise never giving up, not for a second, these tracks bite deep and hang on for dear life.

Truth Untold brings a different vibe from the previous tracks, a more groove filled approach, still blistering, but in that subtle “I’m gonna creep up on you and steal your skin” kind of way. Without a doubt these tracks beg to be played live, in a room as dark and scuzzy as possible, and everyone should be smashed. Vocally this is the strongest performance on the EP whilst this still doesn’t take anything away from any of the other tracks.

Finishing up with In Days of Woe keeping that low southern groove vibe, this time for the most part is instrumental, taking this release full circle. Finishing this battering with a coup de grâce that in many ways you’re not thankful for, this release could have been extended easily into an album and this is my only question as to why not? Why not deliver a full record.

Black Tusk infuse all of the pure southern groove that has become synonymous with bands such as DOWN and mixing this with their own brand of fury and whisky-soaked riff power.

This leads to a straight up, no nonsense metal release. 

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