CROSSFAITH – Apocalyze

User Rating: 8.5

Japan has a history of innovation and pure brilliance when it comes to music and technology. When these two worlds collided, Crossfaith was born, melding metalcore with electro and intent upon taking the world by storm.

These guys got my attention following the release of their EP Zion, a release which is as perfect as perfect can really be, so where do we go from there?

From the beginning to the end of this release, the production is astounding, polished and vibrant, you’d expect no less from these guys. The short intro aside and we’re into the meat of this album. We Are The Future is a big claim to begin an album with, but you know what? They could be right. Blazing screams are what drive this track, carried by its electronic beat. During Hounds Of The Apocalypse, things get heavier still. This is quite possibly the heaviest track Apocalyze has to offer, which is mostly down to the ridiculously destructive and domineering drumming.

One thing about Crossfaith that has always amazed me is the clarity of the vocals. Coming from Japan, English is his second language, yet Koie both sings and screams every line completely accent-less. I believe this also part of why this band are so accessible for so many fans of so many genres. Eclipse delivers many things, from wanting you to get wasted, dance your arse off and start all over again, but the shining light comes in the form of the rare, clean vocals delivered flawlessly. These don’t seem out of place, even  when placed alongside music such as this. The synth hooks in this track, however, are dirty as hell and that is fine by me.

Onwards to Deathwish, we are delivered some seriously powerful basslines, written about a man who is out on the hunt for his lovers’ killers. This track is one of the darker pieces from this release, but it also delivers a depth of writing that some might not have expected from a party band such as Crossfaith. This song is followed up by Counting Stars, led by a brief string intro which is beautiful, and acts somewhat as a form of respite from the chaotic anthems which have crashed out of this album. This almost chill-out piece features extra vocals provided by Bianca Roman. Despite treating the listener to a more laidback approach, it doesn’t prevent the momentum of the final two tracks.

The album closes with Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes (a track put together to bring some more awareness to the current nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant and the fallout that has followed alongside the denials coming from the Japanese government). Whilst this track is thought provoking, it’s also a banger of a track and a perfect finalé for this release!

Crossfaith are a band that continue to spread throughout the world like an electronic virus, infecting people and partying until all that’s left in their wake are tired bodies left in a heap.

They are also a band that thrive on their live performances and are at their most powerful and dangerous when in front of a crowd! So, why don’t you take that drink and CHUG IT!

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