DEATH SS – Resurrection

User Rating: 7.5

Sometimes, you know that something shines right out of the casket it crept in on. Death SS‘ record Resurrection is one of these things. Spiders crawl all over it, whilst electronics seep through it.

This band is a prime example of an outstanding act which you pray more people will discover. My advice? GO AND LISTEN TO DEATH SS!

This record doesn’t necessarily break any new ground, but it digs the earth up, turns it over and massively improves it. The smell of decay is to be expected. Kicking us off with Revived, the beat feels like a bloody heart. Low and dirty vocals licked by classic distorted guitar tones mean you’re in for a treat. The group also seem to take a lead from Wednesday 13, as electronic sections bounce throughout this track – which would bring life to any morgue. The Crimson Shrine continues in much the same way. It’s tense, and driven by its guitar lines and vocal hooks. The air is thick and dead.

Onwards to Star In Sight and a lonely piano tinkles, then crashes, and riffs fill the void. What once was lonely, turns into a duet; love and loss entwined. This track feels somewhat more decadent than the previous, as the grandiose guitar lines bring forth a sharper edge to the knife. When paired with Ogre’s Lullaby (which may I add gave me serious goosebumps), the group show off what it means to be ‘demented’ at its finest. Babies cry and women laugh – this genuinely feels like the soundtrack to some bizarre ritual.

The Song Of Adoration has a middle eastern vibe from the start. I immediately think of pharaohs rising from the Egyptian earth, bringing the ten plagues with them. Magyk is flowing throughout this track, which introduces some cleaner vocals, bringing a whole different atmosphere to the record. It’s dark, in a hot and sticky desert kind of way. It’s also a nine-minute epic and utilizes every single second to the fulest. Playing out like a complete movie score, we have the beginning, the middle and the grand finale: Each more impressive and well put together than the next.

The album finishes on a high with the straight out horror punk track Bad Luck, which is all about the guitars, rhymed lyrics – and sounding incredibly pissed off.

Down-tuned and filthy is where Death SS need to be. It’s where they belong, and where they shall stay!

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