DORO – Raise Your Fist In The Air (EP)

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The Queen of Heavy Metal unleashes ‘Raise Your Fist In The Air’; a stunning EP showcasing the Doro talent to full effect.

Releasing this EP as a precursor to her new full length release, Doro Pesch releases a small collection of tracks to tease and tantalise and above all, show off just why she’s a force reckoned with.

It’s rare that when a band/musician are even afforded the ability to even make a twelfth album but when you hear the pure unbridled passion that comes from Doro, it’s clear from the off, just why she is still the undisputed Queen of Metal.

This E.P. from the title track, which as it’s title suggests, is a fist pumping metal anthem. It’s an empowering and focused song, drawing from the strength of the metal community as a whole; we’re all one and the same with the same passion for metal. Vocally this track is flawless and utilises some brilliant vocal hooks, when backed up with the groove laden guitar riffery it’s clear this is a track destined for the live setlist and with the ability to write like this, it’s no surprise that Doro is a frequent addition to many of the massive music festivals.

If that were not all, we’re treated to two other tracks on this E.P.(Plus a French version of the title track) ‘Victory’ is a down tuned, dark and intimidating track, still groove laden and vocally impressive, this time giving a similar feel to that of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ it’s thumping and yet again has live show written all over it.

The last new track on this E.P. is an entirely German sung track ‘Engel’ meaning ‘Angel’ for those who hadn’t guessed; it’s not a Rammstein cover, instead we’re treated to Doro’s soft side; this is a piano driven, soaring ballad that is intense and passionate, sweeping guitar lines working through a slow drum rhythm make for an intricately beautiful end to a stunning E.P.

This is a prelude to the new album ‘Raise Your Fist’ OUT NOW on NUCLEAR BLAST!!

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