VISION OF DISORDER – Camden Underworld 15-9-2012

VISION OF DISORDER – Camden Underworld 15-9-2012

There’s always a buzz in the air of a club where a highly anticipated band are about to play, and I’ve seen my share. Vision Of Disorder were no different.

The expectancy was obvious from the moment you walked into the venue, and when VOD hit that first hanging note, letting the audience know they were in town, violent chaos exploded in the mosh pit as vocalist Tim Williams bounced and pounced to the front of the stage whilst the band had made it clear within the very few seconds that they were there with serious business to do.

VOD Vision of Disorder Camden Underworld 2012 1Only a band from New York – the home of aggressive punk in my book – could start as they did, with a hold on the audience that was both impressive and exciting. The band had obviously worked for many years together, with the rhythm section of Brendon Cohen on drums and the bass of Mike Fleischmann displaying why the band are still important after an 11 year hiatus. VOD’s riffs and grooves are a rare thing amongst many hardcore bands, and this sets them apart – they use riffs that are uniquely good, even if they suddenly break and go into a double time angle with no notice.

The stage was a tad too small for all the members of VOD, but with various apparatus that make up the stage of The Underworld obviously in Tim Williams sights, he hung and prowled around, making sure people knew what a real hardcore metal band looked and sounded like. Very few bands can just come out and play what proved to be intricately arranged and rehearsed music, and still give a great live performance – the norm is static musicians playing lovely riffs – VOD were not able to restrain their delight in presenting music that has obviously been festering in their vault for quite a while.

VOD Vision of Disorder Camden Underworld 2012 6After the first 3 songs, which were as exciting as I’ve seen a band and audience get, the energy was a downhill slide from there, albeit slowly. Whether that is because of the fact that these guys are not puppies anymore or they were acting to what was an obviously intensely videoed set I’m not sure, but either way it was a welcome set they offered.

My ears heard two contrasting opinions of the band in between songs – the first, a 30 something guy shouting to me “it makes me feel 17 again” while another grumpily saying “I hope they play some older tunes as I think they’re better”. Playing a new album to an unaware audience is always tough. But having heard all their music, including their fantastic new album “The Cursed Remain Cursed”, VOD have re-emerged with a necessary and modern album that is by no means tired and is definitely able to make any 30 something feel 17 again.

My biggest gripes were that the set was around an hour long, and considering that the door price was 33% above what was written on the Underworld website, this was too short and pricey. The evening waned very quickly as the connection was not quite as good as it could have been – whether this is because people simply don’t really know the band, or that they just didn’t have enough time to shoot their sonic bullet through every ones temple we’ll never know, but Vision Of Disorder are the real deal and require a repeat visit to do the album proud.

Overall, I give VOD a 7/10 only because of the price and gig length – as a performance and band (excluding sound) 8/10.

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