Welcome to My New Normality

An introduction to Normality Bites and me! Head-first, straight in. No frills.

Welcome to My New Normality

An introduction to Normality Bites and me! Head-first, straight in. No frills. Concise.

I’m Fox, I’m 46 and I live in (Great) Britain.

A good few years ago – around 2011- I began a site called MetalMouth.net. It was purely heavy metal related. I developed a team of 15 odd people who all worked at writing reviews, posting news and taking photos at festivals and gigs. Then I was sent spiralling into depression by being blackmailed by my website’s host (a person, not a company), and accused of horrible things by a band I managed.

MetalMouth.net ground to a halt. So did I.

That was in 2015. The vile feelings I had been left with towards those people continued and sunk me deeper into a world of seemingly never-ending darkness. I had been right royally crudded on from a great height.

I began to feel better in 2016, thankfully, and decided to get back to things I enjoyed. My first stop was a site rebranded as OmniGravis.com and to begin doing what I love again–expressing myself about music– but it never seemed to just click.

It still felt as though my brain was dull. Something seemed to have just broken inside me. I couldn’t ‘word’. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to music that I have almost worshipped my entire life. I couldn’t think of adjectives, I couldn’t even begin to express myself verbally. I started to become quieter and moved away from social media.

It was April 2018 when I watched the latest Autism advert by accident. Then everything I was experiencing, and had experienced without any knowledge, hit me like a freight train.

Could I be? Of course I couldn’t. I am not Rain Man. I know what Autistic people look like and I’m certainly not in any way…wait, the woman on the ad doesn’t look autisti….

**scurries off to look on the internet**

**spends the next four weeks trying to disprove every ticked box and look for other plausible explanations about the traits I have shown my entire life because it absolutely cannot possibly be autism because …well, because!**


Oh. Christ, I am Autistic. Oh feck. I’m Autistic. I’m not who I thought I was.

I sought a referral from a new doctor in Glastonbury in June of this year, and unlike some other UK Bloggers, I received an initial appointment within a few weeks. This will be my story, and experiences throughout. Normality Bites will be my new outlet.

Once the proverbial mental dust has settled I’ll also be reviewing music again, on my own terms, in my own time. But for now, thank you for reading.

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