WHERE THE SKELETONS PLAY – Serotonin Blueprints

WHERE THE SKELETONS PLAY – Serotonin Blueprints

The new EP Serotonin Blueprints by Bristol’s own Where The Skeletons Play is a melting pot of ambient angst, a teaspoon of Tool, a drop of Deftones, a pinch of NIN and a sprinkle of Placebo.

This is their follow up to debut EP Generation Wars from  2012.

This EP grows with each tune and for a band of two members who have only entered the scene in 2011, it shows that if they continue which it seems they will do, they will be evolving and making this sound their own. The duo of Stitch and Bones, which I do believe aren’t their real names – but don’t quote me on that – are purely a studio based band, who want to give the UK music scene a dose of something different.

First track Perspex Queen, an ambient melodic tune smoothly centres into a growing heavy sound, Stitch opens gently while sounding like he’s speaking through gritted teeth and pent up frustration begins with “Are you even listening….to me, not just waiting for your time to talk?” My first listen to this made me feel like I should be calling for help, it reminded me of a movie where I shouldn’t open that door as something is about to happen…but I did open that door, and that door? Opened up to Serotonin Blues

Stand out track for me is If We Just Pretend. It’s relaxing, very ambient which reminds me a lot for some reason of the Tricky album Maxinquaye. To a listener like me it feels very melodic but an underlying sense that it’s all going to get messy. Where at the end of the track the screaming distorted vocals by Stitch yell out “It’s coming for you” gave the essence that it has arrived and more is around the corner.

Last track of the EP is Serendipity. So feel the mood; the piano is playing and distorted gentle instrumental noise in the background by Bones marks the end of the EP. It’s like the end of a meditation class where the breathing is to be noticed, the number counting begins so we know it’s ok to open our eyes and get back in the day.

The latest single Punctuate The Sky is below. The tension of this soon to be released single blends their influences cemented alongside their own already diverse blend. Listening to this, I felt that eager anticipation with their guitar playing that I used to get from Rage Against The Machine.

Serotonin blueprints is a good example of what I love about music. It takes me out of reality, I feel the tune, I want to be part of it, I nod my head if I need to, I smile because a lyric hits home. Where the Skeletons Play are on to something here.

Something very creative and unique while at the same time very dark and menacing.  Get on board people, get this EP.

For Fans Of: Tool, Deftones, Placebo, NIN, Explosions in the Sky