WOLVES – Cycles

WOLVES – Cycles

Forming in 2010, this North Wales based post hardcore act have been rapidly developing a cult underground following amongst the local hardcore scene and are spreading their own brand of post hardcore further afield.

In the short time the band has been together, they have played alongside the likes of The Blackout, William Control, Fei Comodo, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Polar, Evita and Blitz Kids to name but a few.

The e.p was recorded in its entirety over two days at the end of May at Orange Sound Studios in Penmaenmawr, and is based on the concept of human issues and struggles.

Having had the pleasure of reviewing their previous ep “Alpha, Beta, Omega” earlier in the year, I was somewhat surprised when I heard that Wolves was releasing another e.p so soon.

In “Cycles” you have a more mature, polished feel to the brutal post hardcore sounds that Wolves create.  Opening track “Divide” takes over where “Alpha, Beta, Omega” left off with an all out audio assault with brutal breakdowns and guttural post hardcore vocals merging together to form barrage of “irrational noise”.

Courage Breaker” continues onwards with a more intense barrage of destructive hardcore vocals, with crushing guitar riffs being the weapon of choice as the combined sounds pummel you into submission.

Linger” starts of quietly, with its almost melodic overtures lulling you into a false sense of security, before the brutal post hardcore vocals come crashing down pulverising you with a mix of crushing brutality and heavy beatdowns.

Dead Weight” finishes the e.p off with a high octane mix of mosh pit creating riffs and slam invoking vocals all being under pinned by the crushing bass line holding it all together.

Wolves have proved once again that they are a lean, mean post hardcore machine, clambering ever onward, always on the prowl and hungry for success.



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