wretched soul veronica

Wretched Soul launched their début album, Veronica, at Camden’s Underworld on 12 September and it has “yes” written all over it.

The boys have been working hard, recording and touring, and the fruits of their labours don’t disappoint. This is a powerful opening statement from a young band.

The album opens with Where Shadows Ride – a frantic blast of noise with hints of early  Megadeth. You are immediately struck by the quality production of Chris Tsangarides as the track gallops along at a blistering pace. Chris Simmons’ vocals are versatile and full of drama.

There is no time to recover as Summon The Hunter continues the journey. Opeth-like vocals over crisp guitar work from Steve Clifford who punches out meaty riffs at breakneck speed. For those familiar with Wretched Soul’s live act, this album captures their sound and power beautifully.

Title track Veronica is an epic sounding piece that at times has moments that remind me of Iron Maiden classic Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, but death-metalled up. With mind and ears reeling, the lads unleash Wounded Illusion, which is just straight out nasty from the opening chords. Andy Clifford on drums and Luke Mayell on bass provide a punishing platform for the other band members to work off. Wretched Soul is definitely more than the sum of its parts, each member bringing quality musicianship to the table.

There is no filler on Veronica. The balance of the album is perfect and there is a freshness and originality that is sure keep listeners coming back for more. Closing track Dash To Destruction is a fitting finale that leaves you wanting more.  

On stage, they are a force to be reckoned with. Chris Simmons prowls the stage with menace, taking the audience on a journey with his powerful vocals. The enthusiasm of Luke Mayall and Steve Clifford is infectious while Andy Clifford’s work behind the kit is nothing short of mesmerising.

For Fans Of: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth